Welcome to the new Mimosa class!

Welcome to our blog. We will be using this to let people know what we have been doing. It will also let us send messages to Zoe when she is in California. I hope that you have fun using it.

Miss Buckle



Remember to check out our victorian e-book. This is the link. Mimosa class have worked extremely hard on their letters and I am sure that you will think that they are excellent. Well done Mimosa Class.


Jackfield Tile Museum and Cardingmill Valley

Today we began at the Jackfield Tile Museum, it was great! At first we had to trace our design, it was difficult. We had to use clay to draw around our design and then filled it in with glaze. All the colours looked like grey and blue but change colour when they are heated. We also looked around the museum. In the afternoon we travelled on the coach to Cardingmill Valley and ate lunch with some silly sheep! Then we learnt interesting facts about rivers and went pond dipping. Someone caught a fish and a frog. At the end of the day we visited the other hostel. It was huge.

By Emily

Blist’s Hill

Today we went to Blist’s Hill which is a Victorian village where the people dress up as Victorians. There was a sweet shop, a post office, a bakery, a candle makers, a grocers and a chemist. You could buy old Victorian products such as ink pens and carbolic soap and change your money to Victorian money. At lunch time we went to the pub to listen to old Victorian songs on the piano. They were really fun.

We saw a blast furnace, horse and cart, a toll house and a squatters cottage. At the end of the day we went to the old Victorian fair. We played games like the coconut shy and went on the swinging chairs and the boats. Even Miss Buckle and Mrs Meckiffe went on the boats.

It was an amazing day. Definitely the best so far.

By Jack and Ben

Ironbridge – Day 1 and 2

For the past 2 days we have been at Ironbridge! While we’ve been here we have been to Shugborough Hall (a rich posh house) where we did some activities. The first activity was a victorian school experience, the teacher was really strict and she had a cane. After that we had a tour of the servants quarters, where a man called Ted lead us through history. We also went to the kitchen and made biscuits and fondant fruits. Today we went to the Museum of Iron and the Ironbridge. It was great fun! Our favourite part was standing on the bridge.

By Lorna, Maia, Casey and Alex

Second day in Ironbridge

Today we visited Wightwick Manor. It was full of victorian artefacts and William Morris prints. We enjoyed looking at all the brilliant paintings. We even got to see a hidden shortcut through the house. When we came 2 the Billiards room Rhys and Bart had a game of billiards. When we finally came out of wightwick manor we got on the bus and came back to Coalbrookdale.

Victorian Workhouses

On Tuesday morning we did Victorian drama. There were 6 groups altogether and we worked as a team. It was about Workhouses. We acted scenes that might have happened in a victorian workhouse. Some people pretended to be on the privy.

By Jack

Stoolball match

On the 24th of May Cherry, Willow and Mimosa played Stoolball and rounders together. Some played Stoolball and others played rounders. Jack’s team won by miles but it was a good game in the end. I got heat rash and I think that everyone was tired even Miss Buckle who was just watching. It was so hot out there. Also Sam made a very good catch.

Written by Bart.

Welcome to our Blog

Today Miss Deane helped me to set up a Blog. We will be using it lots over the next few months and hopefully we can share what we have been doing with everyone. I hope that you all had a good weekend and are ready to start today.